Ash Wednesday

Hi Lower School!
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone back on campus tomorrow, and hearing about all the adventures that took place over break. I was able to spend some quality time at the beach, and fit in a few house projects.

Mr. Hawes and I will be in Philadelphia this week (Tuesday-Friday) attending the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) conference. We are extremely excited to be attending such an excellent conference. I’m looking forward to hearing about the great things happening in private/independent schools throughout the United States as well as other countries. It’s an honor to be representing St. Michael’s.

This Tuesday we will be providing free pancakes to all students for the Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) celebration. If your child will not be eating pancakes, they will need to bring a lunch to school. The Tucson High Steel Drum Band will be performing in the Creswell Courtyard. Students will get the opportunity to eat and dance.

On Ash Wednesday, Mother Clare will be providing ashes. All are welcome to attend.

3rd grades are being asked to bring in hard boiled eggs for Casa Maria this Friday. Thank you!!

See you tomorrow!

Warm Regards,
Mandy Hart
Lower School Director (K-4)

Rodeo Break!

Hi Lower School!

I’m excited to announce that Lower School brought in $366.93 on our fee dress day! Upper School will be adding their February mass money to the cause. I will share our total combined efforts with you at the end of the month. Way to go!! The WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue will certainly put these funds to good use. Thank you for participating in the fee dress day!

I hope you all have a wonderful break filled with fun, adventure, rest, and restoration! See you on the 24th!

Warm Regards,
Mandy Hart
Lower School Director

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello Lower School!

Thanks for coming out and making STEM Night a huge success. It was so nice to have everyone inside the student center. Special thanks to Jennifer Gould, Traci Smith, Hailey Sanders, and Lisa Jamison for all their hard work in making this event such a positive experience for our families. Congratulations to all our students! Here are the results of the 2020 Science Fair:

Eighth Grade:
1st- Scarlett Street Not a Drop to Drink
2nd- Riley Egan, Lily Hays Bizarre Bread Mold
3rd- Audrey Juneman Gettin’ Speedy
Honorable Mentions- Ethan Ackerman Hurting My Voice So You Don’t; Olivia Gastrock Fantastic Flame; Lily Huether Got Bacteria?; Chris Wilds Which material makes the best soundboard?

Sixth Grade:
1st- Adalyn Chue, Bella Pendolino Can Eggshells Save Lives?
2nd- Owen Brosanders Hummingbird Food Fight
3rd- Oliver Lewis Do “Trees For You” Make You Cool?
Honorable Mentions- Claire Zeiller Hot or Cold?; Kallista Favre, Samia Posada It’s Everywhere!; Chase Putenney, Tommy Walsh How Much Sugar?; Deven, Dilan Ramakumar The Gaming Grievance

Fourth Grade:
1st- Zoe Brosanders Which Cat Will You Adopt?
2nd- Cecilia Kramer Do Cats Have Unique Paw Prints?
3rd- Max Putenney Tooth Decay
Honorable Mention- Miles Griffiths Who Will Pick Up the Can?; Aleks Wolert Swimming Out of the Fog; Austin Walsh Don’t Cry About It

St. Michael’s is partnering with The Gordley Group, a marketing company, to begin effectively advertising our school. Earlier today (Monday) they filmed our kindergarten/8th grade buddies, all school chapel, as well as K-3 music, science, math, lunch, and language arts. They will be designing video footage, radio ads, and implementing web based strategies to enhance our school site.

Construction Completed!
I am so thrilled to announce that the northwest construction is completely done! In fact, I am writing to you now from the new lower school director’s office. Come on by and say hello! I hope to have it looking presentable in the coming weeks. The kids have been weighing in on things I should decorate it with. Many of their suggestions have been related to the UofA – they know me so well!

Math-a-thon Money
Thank you to all those who have already turned in their math-a-thon packets. This Wednesday is the deadline for turning in money. You may turn it in to your child’s classroom teacher, or to the front office. Thanks!

Fee Dress ($2) Wednesday
We have a K-8 fee dress day this Wednesday. Students may wear relaxed dress in exchange for $2. All proceeds will be going to the WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue. Special thanks to Elia Lientz (3rd grader in Mr. Gould’s class) who researched the organization and presented her ideas to a group of teachers a few weeks ago. Way to go Elia!! Lower School and Upper School will be joining forces on this one!

Valentine’s Day – Friday
This Friday is Valentine’s Day!! We have school wide relaxed dress – Valentine’s Day themed attire. It will also be the end of our 2nd trimester.

Have a wonderful week!

Warm Regards,
Mandy Hart
Lower School Director (K-4)

STEM Night

Hello Lower School!

This coming week is Science Fair Week! Our kids have worked incredibly hard on their projects, and I am looking forward to seeing them on display in the student center. We will kick off the week with our annual Edible Car Race. It will take place at 8:05 in the student center on Monday, during all school chapel. All are welcome to attend!

All K-4 students will be traveling via bus to the Fox Theater on Friday (2.7) to see Miss Nelson Has a Field Day. All students should wear a red shirt and khaki bottoms. Special thanks to Ms. Allen for setting this up for us!

The value of the month is kindness.

Tomorrow we will welcome 22 students in grades K-4 for admissions testing. Our second round of testing will be March 7th. Please refer interested families to Dr. Matt Teller.

SMA will be hosting another Coffee Corner this Friday (2.7) at 7:30.

The northwest construction is likely to be completed by the end of this coming week. Thank you to all our west wing students and families who have been so patient and flexible during the construction. I can’t wait for everyone to see the remodeling that has taken place. They really did a beautiful job, and have managed to maintain the historic look of the school while making it new and functional!

I hope to see you all at STEM Night this Friday (2.7) at 5:30. We will have food trucks, interactive games/activities, student presentations, and guest speakers. This is going to be a great week!

Warm regards,
Mandy Hart
Lower School Director